Cookies, Youtube, Bran Flakes, Mass Effect, phones, money, and probably something else…


I have a distinct lack of money right now, £0.75 in PayPal account, and £2.94 in bank that’s somewhat bad…  perhaps if i hadn’t spent it… i have a bowl of bran mush in front of me, 8 1/2 hours ago they were bran flakes…

Cookies, bought another 6 packs, so I’m on 9 1/2 packs now, for a total of around 342…

Phones, I was going to top up my phone, that is Ems, but I’m lacking funds, anyone care you donate? took all the videos off that phone, replaced them with ones by Tobuscus… I think I’m obsessed… scratch that, I know I am, with several things, Cookies, Tobuscus, Cookies, Simon & Garfunkel, Cookies, LFG, Cookies, oh, and did I mention cookies?

Saw Ian today, not surprising, but drove past him in a car, which is somewhat uncommon… fortunately, parent type people didn’t listen when i told them to run him over, on another car related note, i have a driving lesson next week, yay? there’s a reminder for it on my phone, named ‘Crash and die’…

On another Ian related note, I was viscously attacked by him and Craig today, one would hold me in place, and the other would jump over me, and my captor, a strange game of theirs… very strange… made more interesting by Craig ducking, when Ian jumped, which made him fall on my, painful, but somewhat hilarious, spine still hurts though, especially after carrying 17kg of dog food around because mother ‘done her back in’. When you take into account i only weigh a paltry 56kg, that’s 3.234117640588235294117647058824 of them to make one me… I was also hit in the face by tennis balls through by Ian, and Ben, not overly polite of them… hehe, i use an awful lot of punctuation…

Youtube, as promised, i have uploaded videos to it, about 4 days ago, here, have a link, and note i don’t apear in any of them, except as a voice, and occasionally part of a hand… or glove…

Mass Effect, I may finally get round to starting it, once I’ve done my Biology work… I hate education some times… most times…

Err, i think that’s it… so, thanks for reading…

Love Willski.



4 Responses to “Cookies, Youtube, Bran Flakes, Mass Effect, phones, money, and probably something else…”

  1. you were ‘viscously’ attacked by Ian – was it a ‘sticky’ moment? or is that a vicious comment??

  2. then maybe you need a dictionary!


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