Msn is fun…

Having an interesting, if unusual, conversation with Steven…

(steven is Fifi, I’m Willski…)

:[Willski:[                       says (22:23):
*on another book-related note, i need a good book to read, preferably one owned by someone in this house, (not surprisingly, luke doesn’t own any… (to my knowledge)) and i haven’t allready read…

Fifi        says (22:24):
*I can lend you a book if you want
:[Willski:[                        says (22:25):
*you could return the eerie silence… if you’re so inclined 😛
i’d prefer not to, i’d be too concerned about damaging it…
:[Willski:[                        says (22:27):

*i might try Stephen Kings IT…
Fifi        says (22:27):
*I’m not quiyte sure where it is
:[Willski:[                        says (22:27):

Fifi        says (22:27):
*all my books are kind off damaged
:[Willski:[                       says (22:29):
*that’s like saying, ‘Hmm, my leg’s already broken, why not get trampled by a horse?’

Fifi        says (22:31):
*yeah well
*I trust you not to act like a horse when reading
:[Willski:[                        says (22:32):
*hmm… fair point, i’m usually quite carefull when it comes to defacation…
:[Willski:[                        says (22:33):
*i think the concerning parts of that statement are ‘usually’ and ‘quite’

Fifi        says (22:33):

Thanks for reading, Love Willski.



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