ICT work, late birthday presents, and activation-resistance.

Good evening, i’m currently writing a feasibility report, for ICT stuff, which is deceptively difficult, because i doubt about 4 lines per segment is sufficient… so, yeah, there’s not enough to write 😡

Lat Birthday presents, exactly 1 month late, a colour changing t-shirt, which, no doubt, in practice will just give the effect of yellow sweat, but still, it’s a fun thing to have. Thanks Dom.

Attempting to activate Mount & Blade Warband for Craig, which doesn’t seem overly possible, when i go to the page there should be some boxes, to put things in, aside from the usual website skin thing, there’s a black void in place of content, and a 3 pixel thick white line running through it. what fun. currently waiting for response on forum, but it seems to be a common problem… and damn difficult to find a solution to…

Anyhow, thanks for reading.

Love Willski, Ta-ta.



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