Well, not quite, but close enough, i’m watching Isolation, which has the following plot synopsis on wikipedia.

Dan Reilly, a farmer working in rural Ireland, is propositioned by a local bio-genetics firm to assist in some experiments to make faster growing cattle. He helps birth a calf with fangs, that has six womb-like organs that contain fetuses with exoskeletons. Orla, a local veterinarian, conducts the autopsy, but manages to miss seeing that one of the fetuses is still alive. John, Orla’s assistant, discovers the five fetuses are made up of bacteria that replicates incredibly quickly. The missing fetal creature has the potential to infect cows as well as humans globally, causing a massive infestation of the creatures. They are now on a mission to kill the creature before it escapes the farm.

Sounds fun 😛

In other news, for homework, I only got about ¼ of my feasibility report done, which is kind of my fault, i though, ‘eating in 2 hours, I’ll play assassins Creed II till then.’ yeah, that didn’t work, i stopped playing 12 hours after that… well, you know what they say, time flies when you’re stabbing people in the face.

i think that’s about it…

Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.




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