Spoilt for choice, and once again, chairless. and Evil Chrome stealing parents!

Ladies and Gentlemen Good Evening!

The rest of my games arrived! HUZZA! Unfortunately, this leaves me with one of the hardest choices I’ve ever faced… do i play Mass Effect, Assassins Creed II, Red Faction Guerilla, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, or Halo Reach? (Made a bit easier by my refusal to play mass effect 2 until I’ve completed mass effect.)

Soo… yeah, I’m currently kneeling on the floor in front of my desk, damn painful, but I can’t sit on the chair, because Hide’s sleeping there, Quite annoying really… I’ll wait untill she wakes up…

What else happened, i got too much homework, so i’ll be not doing that…

Lunch, because of all those cowards being terrified of temperatures lower then 20 degrees, it was only meski, Benski and Ian, playing catch, didn’t go well… due to Ben, and me, having not talent, or co-ordination, whatsoever. (is that really a word?)

In other not-news, mother used my computer today, while i was at school, in the process, deleting Google Chrome. it working fine this morning, i came back, and it was just gone. she claims to have no knowledge of it… but yeah, use Google chrome, it’s awesome, and now that I’ve said that, i can add the advertising category to this post!

Anyhow, to choose a game to play… if you want me, I’m on live.

Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.




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