Lunch, videos, Cash card + and COOKIES!!!

Good Evening.

Soo… i had lunch today. that’s not the noteworthy thing though. Had another display of acrobatics from Craig, Ian and Steven, which was somewhat hilarious, and when i get round to uploading the videos somewhere, (well, youtube, they’re going to facebook at the moment,) I’ll post them here, ’cause I’m nice like that.

Cash card + arrived from nationwide, which nice, but they didn’t tell me i was getting it, so it’s a bit surprising… but now i can buy things online , without stealing mothers stuff, so, yay!

and i bought more cookies, another 6 packs, soo… huzza! COOKIES!!! Total of 8 3/8 packs now.

Found out what my Enrichment is, shame really… I’d prefer not to have one, it’s pointless! Its Philosophy, Period 1 on tuesday, they have, however, neglected to tell me what room it’s in, or who’s running it, which is kind of nice.

That’s it really, soo… Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.


(does that way round work better? post your thoughts, or suffer the consequences, which is, well, none.)



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