Bioshock, Happy Birthday Lee, Bioshock 2, Vinyl…

Good evening.

Lees birthday, so happy birthday Leeski.

Bioshock 2 special edition arrived today, YAY! so i now have 3 Rapture themed posters, the game, a special box, a hard back, 168 page Bioshock 2 Art book, a 12″ Vinyl LP of the Bioshock orchestral score, and a sneaky, not quite vinyl but looking like, Black CD of the Bioshock 2 orchestral score.

What fun, earlier today i couldn’t stop thinking, which caused me to develop a mild headache, but now I’m half asleep, I’m an ‘eep’! hehe…

Hmm, really feel like I’m missing something important here… but I’m not sure what… so I’ll leave it…

Chicken later, till then I’m off to play Bioshock. Thanks for reading.


Love Willski. (not an imperative…)


3 Responses to “Bioshock, Happy Birthday Lee, Bioshock 2, Vinyl…”

  1. Not Neskercelery ‘eep’ – You could be Above Sea Level…

  2. fair point, and i am. i prefer eep though…


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