Bioshock, Texts, and a distinct lack of breaking and entering…

Good Evening.

Bioshock arrived, HUZZA! and as a result, I won’t be breaking and entering later… (because I’ll be playing it…) I was going to break into toms house Late at night and tie his mouth with a rag, drag him by his ankles to the middle of the forest, and stuff him in a big plastic bag, not really just prove him wrong, because he is, he thinks theoretical chemistry stuff is pointless.

Texts, had a short text-ey conversation with Craig, that ended with in a 3 text message from me… i think i confused him…

Soo, yeah, that’s about it, I’m off to play bioshock, see you on Live.

(gamertag is currently a somewhat childish(well, not childish, but not nice)   ‘fustify’   which I may change sometime…)

Ta-ta, thanks for reading, ta-ta, again apparently.

Love Willski.


4 Responses to “Bioshock, Texts, and a distinct lack of breaking and entering…”

  1. Through your glasses at the camera then Dive!
    What are the chances of a Giant fish swimming through the internet and devouring this page? (Or, in ore understandable words, How likely is it that random people will Raid your blog and eat your gamertag?)

    You should put your posts in categories!

  2. meh, i just have too much free time.


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