Reach, Recon, Lab coats, flammable clothing and maybe something else… (and Ian’s very strange…)

Good evening.

I know some very strange people… Take Ian, not as a gift or anything, just an example. Today when i didn’t co-operate with his game, he decided to carry me (approx.) 25 smoots (approx. 139 ft.) across the field, to put me in a location he felt was more appropriate… and seemed to expect me to participate in some form of physical exercise… (yes, i went on google earth to measure the distance, so if that’s wrong blame that, and my memory.)

Lab coats, I need to take mine in again tomorrow, for a chemistry assessed practical, basically coursework if you were unaware, which they expect me to pass, demanding swine!

Enrichment, In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a compulsory activity, they try to convince you you chose to do, that consumes some of your little free time. As of this morning, I was the only person in my tutor group, or form, or what ever it is, not to have one, everyone else did, I handed in the form with the rest of them, but i didn’t get one, just an empty box. YAY!!! thank you clerical errors, I hope they don’t sort that out.

Went on reach today, at last, after a nearly unbearable 36 hour break, and, thanks to my matriarchal fiend mother spending 40 odd minuteson the phone with amazon today, i’ve now, finally, acquired my Recon code 😛

I haz Recon!  very good.

Thank you mother, Thank you Amazon, and Thank you Bungie.

Love you Bungie. (and you mother:).)

Well, that’s all i have to say, (flammable clothing because I’m wearing polyester, which from past experience, burns very well.)

Ta-ta, Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Reach, Recon, Lab coats, flammable clothing and maybe something else… (and Ian’s very strange…)”

  1. love you too willski xx


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