Video Editing, emails and watermarks…

Good evening.

I’m currently attempting to edit a video, using free software. so far i’ve tried NCHs’ Video pad which could neither edit, nor export videos. i then tried Avidemux, which allowed me to edit them, but wouldn’t save them. and most recently i’ve tried AVS Video Editor, which worked fine, edited fine, exported nearly fine. i say nearly, because it added a ‘discreet water mark’ that consisted of a large block of opaque text occupying about 20% of the video.

anyone have any ideas? suggestions?? etc.

If you’re wondering why i’m editing videos, it’s because a friendling, Craigski, asked me to send it to him, i later discovered about 58 minutes of my pocket after the part he wanted, which is somewhat unfortunate, so i’ve been attempting to remove it, and he’s probably disprove of the about 3 hours i’ve spent trying to do that so far. Why does no free software work? Anyhow, i’ll try some of the other video editing software i have installed, see if they work… the video in question is about 2 minutes of something interesting, then 58 minutes of the inside of my pocket, including an ICT lesson with meakin.

and finally, so he can actually get it, thanks to attachment limits from google mail, i’ve now got an account with hopefully that’ll work…

here you go, have some free advertising. (it’s worthless anyway, practically no-one reads this stuff…)


Thanks for reading, Love Willski.

(still working on order for those…)


Just tried with realplayer video trimmer, and did it in about 30 second, thanks realplayer, i love you! (love you too Craig :P)

hehe, i have a strange sense of humor…

ta-ta, again, Love Willski.



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