Homework, lunch, and severe abdominal pain + pie!


The title covers most of this…

I still have a lot of homework to work on, fortunately, i finished all the stuff due in today on time, yay? and now i have to d the stuff due in tomorrow…

but you don’t care about that, what interesting stuff happened today?

at lunch, i played with some balls, (tennis balls,) and started skipping again, which triggered severe pain about 3 inches below my right shoulder blade… ow…


if you want to know what A2 biology consists of, we spent most of a lesson watching some crustaceans running up and down a ‘track’ that consisted of some bits of wood stuck to some card with plasticine. and timing them… thrilling!

well, that’s all i have to say right now… soo… ta-ta, Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.


forgot to mention this last time, but I’ll have pie soon! yay! that easily compensates for pain, homework, and boredom. unless it’s overcooked, in which case, I’ll kill the chef.

Sorry for missing that, Thanks for reading, Ta-ta, Love Willski, and anything else relevant…



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