me again… still doing homework, and punching dogs in the face.

right, yess, quite so… very good! i have decided to actually finish one of the pieces of homework i started yesterday, today. and it’s the ICT one…

Hmm, it’s a weekend, and I’m already awake at, currently 09:00, but i woke up at about 08:30, which is just wrong… so, to remedy that problem, i’m eating cornflakes. ‘How would that help?’ you say, i have no idea. it probably won’t. so I’m just going to punch Molly in the face until she goes away.

hehe, just came back to this tab, i started writing this 9 hours ago, and i’m sure you’ll be pleased to know i’m still working, and didn’t punch the dog.

Anyhow, thanks for reading.


Love Willski.



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