Homework, Cookies, and fish.

Just fed my fish, okay, that’s one down, two to go…

Cookies, I’m trying not too eat them all, unsuccessfully I might add. mmm… cookies…

Okay, now homework, I’ll start with a nice, simple list.

  • Biology, Williams, due Tuesday, complete lessons 1 + 2.
  • Biology, Wilson, due Monday, complete worksheet, and lesson 1.
  • Chemistry, Thornton, due Tuesday Complete a page worth of questions, and write a report on optical isomersims, (what can you write about them… but I’ve said that before, so I won’t rant so much this time. Even though i didn’t rant enough last time.)
  • Chemistry, Lewis, Complete Practical activity 22 (? i think it was 22…) write up, and questions, and graph)
  • ICT, Meakin, due Monday, Write dull full project analysis, and synopsis, summary and any other similar words.

So, right now I’m rather fond of butcher, as to my knowledge, he didn’t give us anything, HUZZA!!!

I don’t know why they expect us to do so much, I’ve been told it’s for later in life when we have jobs, and have to meet deadline… the only person I can think of who does work at home, (paid work that is,) is my grandfather, and that’s because he works from home, so whoever said that is, for lack of a better word, and due to my abhoration (not a word) of vulgarity, a complete, and utter pillock. the king of all pillocks, and should be taken out behind the chemical sheds, and shot. along with the five teachers who gave me so much work to do, in a reasonable amount of time, which i have now left until the last possible, (well, not minute, so…) weekend to do. Which is in no way my fault. 😛

soo… prioritize…

  1. ICT most important, I if I don’t do it I get to leave the course, so, apologies if i don’t have time to do yours, other people.
  2. Wilsons, as it’s due in next soonest.
  3. Dr. Lewis’ as it’s due in next, and she’s scary. (Well, not really, but, if memory serves me correctly, has the most extreme, and perfectly justified, response to not doing it.)
  4. Williams’ due in a lesson earlier then lewis’ but she’s been over-generous in regards to homework, deadline, movage and I’m willing to risk potentially not getting round to it.
  5. Last, and definitely not least, as it requires second most work, after ICT, Thorntons report and questions, which I’ll probably end up doing in a free on Tuesday morning 😛 (although, this will be due mostly to time constraints, and not personal choice.

Okay, I think I’ll be going now, to work on those extreme demands, grr, alternatively hunt down, and eliminate a few of the teachers in question, perhaps… I won’t continue contemplation on that subject, which in this case was purely jocular, for fear of repercussions if I do.

Anyhow, Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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