Cookies, Lab coats, and flying elephants!

It seems i can never acquire one thing at a time, on Tuesday, as you may know, i got two t-shirts, and Halo Wars, then today, i get a lab coat, and (as you may have guessed,) Cookies! a total of 216…

Aaah, okay, what else happened today, I managed to damage a muscle in my back, so any attempt to maintain posture, turn torso, lean forwards to type as I’m doing now is somewhat painful.

spent 4th lesson on my own, reading… so lonely… (well, fun :P) lunch, went to a field, where I caused the aforementioned injury, and watched Ian, Steven and Craig be pillocks.  Kris was just annoying as usual. Period 5, was in social center pretending to do chemistry work, and read Lees’ article in some magazine type thing… surprisingly good… but that’s almost a complement… sooo, he’s fat and smelly. that should balance it out…

I don’t know what else I’ll be doing today, perhaps halo wars, anyway… thanks for reading.


Love Willski


2 Responses to “Cookies, Lab coats, and flying elephants!”

  1. Their are no Flying Elephants!!
    I got Excited for nothing 😦


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