Books, paper, and potentially lab coats.

I got science books, in post yesterday, YAY! they made me wait too long for those, a whole 4-5 days for delivery, how dare they? 😛

Also got some paper, but that’s quite boring.

And, assuming i remember to take the paper thing, I’ll get a Lab coat toady, which they wouldn’t let me pay as much for as i wanted too, i said, while thinking out loud, doctor lewis said it was ‘£9.25, of £9.75 or something, but i can’t remember, so I’ll just pay £10’  and the swine wouldn’t let me! they insisted I take the 75p change, before they’d acknowledge that i’d brought it! and i’m quite sure it was 75, so i might not even get it, grr… i’ll have to stab them, or give them unsatisfactory looks or something…

thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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