Good Evening!

Good Evening people.  I can truthfully say that now there have been a few people reading parts of this…

Interesting, but incredibly mundane day today…

ICT was amusing, but far to demanding, lost half my only free, due to fire drill, and they didn’t even think to set some things on fire to make it more realistic… second ICT lesson, i just read about GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS, and COMPASS… Then 2 hours of homeostasis, negative feedback, and some other things…

Lunch, however, was far more interesting, aside from being thrown seven feet across the floor by Craig and Ian… But some hilariously stupid people swarmed us… inquisitive swine, They all deserve to die!

had a great conversation…

Hilariously Stupid Person (henceforth known as ‘HSP’):  Hello.

Me: Good Evening.

HSP: What’s your name?

Me: Ta-ta.  [Walk off and put tennis balls in bag.]

HSP: [follows me] What’s your name?

Me: run awaa-aay… [walk away quickly.]

HSP: what’s you name terminator!

Great fun!  If you’re wondering why they call me terminator, it’s because I’m prone to wearing Black clothes, including black leather gloves, and dark wrap-around sunglasses. I also get ‘Cyclops’, ‘Wolverine’ (due to long pointed nails, which is really more like lady Deathstrike, or Sabretooth,) ‘Wolf-man’, ‘Wolfey’, ‘Vampire’, ‘Demon’ and some others…

there’s a cat on my chair…

‘err…’ merged with ‘ooh’ (don’t know how to type what it sounded like…) What else did I do? I hugged several people i hardly know… i caught  a bus again, i hugged some people i do know… and I want to re-modulate Subspace… (is that one word or two?)

gaah! I’ve got to do some biology work, buy a lab coat for chemistry… Paint some Thousand sons, Paint some Chaos Spawn, a Chaos lord on disc of Tzeentch… A pair of rhinos… and a daemon prince… must acquire talent! how can i do that? eat brains?

Well, ta-ta, and thanks for reading this mindless drivel…

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Good Evening!”

  1. saves me having to ask what sort of day you had!!!


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