No Battery concerns!!! (also, ICT, and Moloch.)

Ha-ha! advantage of this type, although disadvantages were previously stated…

i have nothing to do now… perhaps work-type-ICT-ey stuff… err… yes. I really don’t feel like doing that… kind of compulsory…

but which one… project, or research… speaking of that, it says ‘Logistics’. Okay, which definition of logistics? there are several, transportation, military, also Sins of a Solar Empire, but I somewhat doubt it’s that… Defense, What kind, National? Cyber? self? because national defense grids can turn out badly, have you heard of ‘Skynet’? see how that went? not even slightly edible.

and some of the others are a bit inconvenient, and open to to much interpretation for my liking.


Thanks for reading,

Love Willski.   (I’ve just realized, that looks a little bit like  command, hehe, ‘love me or die!’ that’s kind of like Moloch, from Season 1, Episode 8 of Buffy, ‘I Robot, You Jane’. but no, feel free to hate me, you’re entitled to, I’m a horrible person.)




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