Dissappointment… what an unsatisfying emotion…

I watched ‘The Stepfather’ and convinced (the already compliant,) Emski, Benski and Lukeski to watch it, based on the opinions of Toby Turner, and, as i told him afterwards, its terrible!

Exciting, Riveting, gory, thrilling, entertaining, and surprising, are just some of the words i wouldn’t use to describe it.

Boring, predictable, humorless (or rather lacking any intentional humor) unsatisfactory, inedible, and disappointing, however, are some of the terms i would use.

I hate the wording of that, but i can’t think of anything better…

now, due in most part to boredom, i am going to watch the end of transformers, on Chanel 4 + 1.

Ta-ta, for now.

thanks for reading, Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Dissappointment… what an unsatisfying emotion…”

  1. Why not watch Would I lie to You ??


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