AAh! Scary! Also, more dogs, among other things.

Good Evening!

I usually use quick post thingy, so this as a bit complex in comparison… Hence, Scary.

Ordered Halo Wars, YAY! now i must wait for Reach… (Or for halo wars to be delivered…

Right, (left, left, left right left, and any other legs available) Interesting-ness, that’s very difficult for me to do, being as boring as i am, a joke perhaps…

3 men walk into a bar, and order some drinks. they proceed to drink them, then get in a bar fight, and are arrested. they die in a prison riot 2 months later.

Yeah, that didn’t work… err… Archies here! fighting my rug… but refuses to give me anything interesting to write about…

On a more Canine note, Parents are contemplating, and most likely, adopting another Great Dane. This house is going to get very smelly… meh, as long as it’s not as stupid, slobbery, and violent as Wayne, all is slightly worse then previously…

anyway, Ta-ta, for now…

Love Willski.

(this would work better as a vlog… you don’t get my tones, and body language, among other things through this medium…)



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