Goord Morning, again…

Aww, I’m saying that a lot at the moment, should stick to good evening, it sounds nicer…

anyone think of a better name? post it somewhere, in the comments, in the post, paint it onto the front of 10 Downing street, something distinctive…
Later then yesterday, it’s the BBCs fault, they distracted me, quite mean i think…
So yess, reading… thanks for reminding me 🙂
Currently reading Hannibal, anyone know where i could get a copy of silence of the lambs, or red dragon? Or where my copy of Hannibal’s rising has gone?
Gaah! this is boring again… okay, how to finish it of with something interesting…
Toby Turner

Watch them all, like them all, subscribe!
why am i doing that, i don’t get anything out of it… Idiocy? perhaps…

Ta-ta, speak to anyone sad enough to read this later. Well, Type to you (?)

Love Willski



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