Not funny?

I’ve been informed by certain ungrateful swine, that this blog is neither funny, nor is interesting.
well, i must say, i completely agree with you, and i shall attempt to remedy that, by doing something.
I don’t know what, maybe kill him… and post pictures here 😛

Or perhaps, a somewhat more legal, attempt to write closer to what I’m thinking, which Emski finds funny, so there must be something to it…
Now, if only i could think on demand… well, i can think on command, but it’s not the same as thinking… very different, no where near as fun…
Okay, that makes me want to sing…
Ta-ta, for now.

Love Willski,


One Response to “Not funny?”

  1. […] Hmm, I seem to be complaining an awful lot… I’m sure i promised to make this interesting several months ago…was that in a lack of breaking and entering? nope, its Tom-inclusive Predecessor… […]


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